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About The Strike Force Heroes

Are you searching for challenges in order to put your skills to the hardest test ever existed on the internet? The Strike Force Heroes is the game you have always needed

Game description:
In the first version of Strike Force Heroes the bugs were less, but the plot was not  full and complete. Each warrior had its own arsenal of pistols, submachine guns, machine guns and other weapons, as well as bullet-proof vests. The warrior was available in several types of helmets and equipment. The special equipment was necessary to open and achieve a certain level in the game.
Continuation of the legendary shooter game for boys Strike Force heroes 2 begins in unidentified space station. After the space mission you’re going to base characters somewhere in South Africa.
You should manage to get the approval of distinguished warriors and then, the game begins: you have to fight back. As in the first part of the strike force each soldier has its own passive skills that improve protection or attack, and super-abilities, causing super-blows at the enemy and help the brothers-in-arms. Also, the second sequel has got a slot machine where you can pull all the money and win rare weapons. At this time your team has five soldiers. Dig in to find out more about them:

Engineer Nathan Canadian who is 33 years old and has unique abilities admitted to the band of heroes.
Mercenary Dex is 42 years old and is related somehow to the soldier of fortune.
General West Briton, 51 years old who is a gallant soldier and easily find the enemy even in the darkest area.  Sniper Jin is a 23 years old Korean who has become a consummate scorer after the fight and finally, Juggernaut about whom we know almost nothing.

The last sequel of Strike Force Heroes has got a lot of medals for a variety of achievements – for the completion of the company, passing the hard difficulty missions and money spent. Strike Force Heroes 3 offers better graphics, more tense situation and action packed music along with the hidden traps.

Control keys

Control keys are easy to remember and if you are an experienced gamer, then this might seem as abc to you. Anyway, here are the controls:

Press WASD or Arrow Keys or navigation;
Press W, Up, or Space to Jump and S or Down to crouch;
Q or Shift switches weapon and keys E or Ctrl activates Killstreak;
Press R in order to reload and use mouse for aiming and shooting.


And what’s more, the developers of this game are always ready to receive the feedback so feel free to state your mind about this amazing game: features, ideas, quality of performance and so on. Recently, they have released a huge update that fixed many bugs, balanced levels and characters as well as strengthened the skills and weapons, so if you are keen on seeing the game in higher quality, definitely send the feedback to developers! Unless they customize the updates, you can play any of the three sequences on our site for free and what’s more, join the community of sfh fans!

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